Saturday, May 31, 2008


Nobody knows exactly when and how the Kadazandusun evolved, though there are tales about Nunuk Ragang relating to the beginning of the Kadazandusun existence. It is interesting to note the struggle and survival of the Kadazandusun which remains a matter of concern particularly at this point in time where this meager race and culture is experiencing a likelihood of extinction due to revolutionary change. Attempts have been made to fix the broken pieces into one whole piece but there is no honest commitment to locate the missing pieces other than the attempts to attain personal gain and glory. Factors pertaining to workable approaches as well as leadership could be the major factors of failure.

The formation of KDCA (Kadazandusun Cultural Association) which is an attempt to unify the two broken pieces namely KCA and USDA were done without proper negotiation and consultation other than base on arrogance,personal glory and mere perception that has done more harm than good. UPKO today is not the version of UPKO who struggled for survival but eventually landed in Malaysia despite the strong opposition which leads to the formation of the 20 points agreement which is slowly erased from history. These are glances of striking examples of leadership and decision-making that eventually formed the status-quo of the Kadazandusun that we have to live with today.

The latest attempt by UPKO leadership to claim ownership of the Kadazandusun Pesta Kaamatan celebration 2008 is a desperate attempt and sheer ignorant of the sensitivity and feeling of the KDM community at large. Giving precondition to the Unduk Ngadau contestants to become an UPKO member is a total disregard of our cultural rights and blatant attempt to undermine and exploit the common heritage of our ancestor. UPKO as a political party who claim to champion the struggle of the Kadazandusun must not politicize the Pesta Kaamatan celebration which rightly belongs to Kadazandusun regardless of their ideology and political affiliation.

UPKO is just a political party which is still in the process of proving its worth because anybody can form a KDM party and declare ownership of our ancestral struggle which is certainly presumptuous and does not represent of the Kadazandusun community. PBS, PBRS and PASOK have other version of championing the Kadazandusun which could not be denied but no party has the right to declare ownership as we have not gone through the unification process that leaves no pieces unfix to the satisfaction of all Kadazandusun. I am optimistic there is a point where we can meet and patch up our differences and this is what we are looking for in the future. It is only a question of whether we want it or create a new version of Kadazandusun community. To accomplish our vision we need to SACRIFICE.

Damian Marcus Podtung
CASH Chairman,
Tambunan District.

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Damian Marcus Podtung said...

UPKO can organize Pesta Kaamatan but must not set a prerequisite to participate in the event. If that is the case than UPKO is not championing the KDM, what more to unify the KDM!